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About Me


Photo by Kirsten Lewis

Some of my favorite times are when I cuddle on the couch with my kids to browse through our albums together.


I don’t care about frilly things or materialistic items (except maybe my 5-wrap bracelet which I wear everyday).


I love this country and a well-made decaf Salted Caramel Mocha.


Oh, and I almost forgot...I have a terrible memory.


Maybe that's why I love photography so much....I realize how quickly memories can fade. Photographs bring us back to those long forgotten moments in life.


I also believe people are yearning for authenticity. I know I am.


In this world filled with carefully curated social media and images photoshop'd to perfection, it can make us question our own family life and whether we're doing things 'right'...this is especially true for us moms, whose confidence as a parent is often affected by the imagery of perfection that we are bombarded with daily.


Whether it's how we think we look in a photograph or how perfectly happy our must look in a frame....behind each of those carefully posed family portraits is a family just like yours...

Please know - you are doing great!


Also know there is no such thing as 'perfect'  and the best moments in life come from authenticity. Let's get those moments recorded.

For example - see the photo above? Do you see those crows feet around my eyes. What about that hair? That's what it looks like pulled into a pony-tail after a long, hot day at the zoo (not a good look).


Do you know what I see? I see that little smirk my daughter loves to give when she's acting silly. When I look at the image, I actually feel her little nose pressed against mine. Mostly, I feel the deep love that my cuddle-bug and I have for each other. This may be a seemingly small, ordinary moment, but it means a lot to me. I will be reminded of these moments forever because it has been recorded so beautifully in this photograph.

And that’s what I can bring to you with my expertise in documentary family photography. If you prefer authenticity over posed perfection, you've found the right photographer.


Did I pique your interest? Have questions or want to learn more? Or maybe you are ready to book your session!



I'm amazed at what you got after a few short hours of just hanging out with no plans at all! And I also love that simple moments like bath time and reading, playing and just being together - which are usually meaningful parts of our day - are forever memories in behind-the-scenes pictures now.

 - G.C.

If you prefer authenticity over posed perfection, you've found the right photographer.

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