My name is Lona Saccomando. Some folks call me "Tink"....Tink was my call-sign when I was in the Navy playing Goose (Top Gun anyone?)...I got out of the Navy nearly ten years ago, replacing the thrill of flying in pointy-nosed jets with the excitement of meeting-filled desk-jobs and starting a family.


....and I wouldn't change a thing!

While I've always loved photography, I came to truly understand the power of a photograph when we nearly lost all of our images of our first child’s birth because of a hard-drive failure (luckily, we were able to recover a handful - whew!).

People ask why I love family documentary photography. I guess I’m drawn to family documentary and lifestyle photography because of its story-telling, moment-based approach. I believe the seemingly mundane, day-to-day, real-life moments are what really matter in the end.


​If this kind of family photography speaks to you, contact me to speak about my custom photography services. I am based in Clifton, Virginia, and serve the Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and Washington, D.C., areas.

Photo by Kirsten Lewis

Family Documentary

Lifestyle Portraits


If you prefer authenticity over posed perfection, you've found the right photographer.