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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of photographer are you?
    My approach to family photograph is casual and authentic. And if you didn't notice, I love black and white imagery! Most of all, my passion is family documentary and lifestyle photography because of its story-telling, moment-based approach. As I work, I am looking for meaningful moments that display the love and connection within a family. I believe the seemingly mundane, day-to-day, real-life moments are what really matter in the end. I firmly believe that photo sessions can and should be fun for everyone in the family. You will never hear me ask for a smile…I don’t believe that is how you get authentic images of people….and I have many tricks up my sleeves to elicit genuine smiles. I also love images of children looking pensive or in a quiet moment. Images of children that display their personality deep-within are the ones that can touch your soul.
  • Where will my session be held?
    I am based in Clifton, Virginia, and serve the northern Virginia, southern Maryland, and Washington, D.C., areas. For Day-in-the-Life and Real-life sessions, I come to you. I will stay with your family for the length of the session as you go about your day during our time together. If, during our time together, you decide to take a trip to the store, a park, wherever, I will join in with you. I prefer to ride in your car with you to ensure I don’t miss those in-between moments. I do have limits to how far I can travel, and we can discuss arrangement if you are outside the northern Virginia, southern Maryland, or Washington D.C. areas. For lifestyle portrait sessions, the options are nearly endless here in the northern Virginia, southern Maryland, and Washington, D.C. areas. First, you need to determine what type of location fits your style and personality. Do you prefer the greenery of a local park, more of a forest look, the rustic feel of a place like Old Town Alexandria, the historic backdrop of Washington, D.C. monuments, or something city/urban-like? Once you’ve decided on the look and feel you want for your session, we can then pick a location. Really the most important aspect of the photos is not the location. The two most important considerations in photography are ‘lighting’ and ‘connection.' And that's where my expertise comes in...knowing how to manage light and capturing your family's connection.
  • How long will my session be?
    The all-inclusive Day-in-the-Life sessions are “sunrise to sunset” coverage. We will talk about when your family typically starts and ends the day. Based on our discussions, I will quietly arrive first thing in the morning (ideally before the kids have woken up), and will stay until they are tucked away warmly in their beds for the night. Real-Life sessions are shorter in length and we will plan to be together for between 3-4 hours total. Lifestyle Portrait sessions last about an hour. If we are having fun, we may run a bit longer. Additional hours can be purchased for Real Life and Lifestyle Portrait sessions.
  • What will my session be like?
    The Day-in-the-Life sessions are super stress-free, and no thought on your part is required. I approach your photography session as a photojournalist, integrating myself with your family to document your day, just as I see poses, no forced smiles, and no matching outfits. Think of it as if I’m just an old friend hanging out with you for the day. I will be there for every moment…the groggy-eyed wake-up of your children, getting ready for the day, breakfast, etc….all the way through to bedtime. If there is a moment you want to stay private, you can simply give me a subtle hint and I’ll honor that request. If you like the idea of documentary family photography, but also want some posed images or a shorter session length...that's fine too! That's where Real Life Sessions come in. These sessions are shorter in length, typically 3-4 hours. While the primary purpose is to document real moments of your family, we also dedicate a small portion of the time (typically 30-45 minutes) creating casual and authentic family portraits. You can also choose to skip the portrait time and stick to purely documentary. My Lifestyle Portrait sessions are designed for families looking for a casual, authentic approach to family portraits. These sessions are much shorter and are focused on creating more 'traditional' (yet casual) family portraits. I have extensive training and experience in posing and portraiture to compliment my documentary approach. I will provide your family casual direction to get into a great-looking position, and then use some prompts that will elicit an authentic moment…you won’t even know I’m posing you. I keep these sessions casual and fun…and you will not hear me ask for a smile – I promise!
  • What should I wear?
    For Day-in-the-Life and Real-life sessions, the just wear whatever you would normally wear. The idea behind this type of photography is that we are documenting your family’s life, just as it is…everyday-outfits and all. If you would like to spiffy up for the photos a bit, you are welcome to do so. I recommend avoiding super bright colors, especially neon. Bright, neon-like colors will take too much attention in the photographs and, more so, will cast a color on your faces. If you are preparing for a Lifestyle Portrait session, your wardrobe should be comfortable and reflect who you are. Please do not wear matching outfits - but rather think about how the colors and style coordinate with each other. I am happy to provide wardrobe consultation before your session. I also have a style guide that I can share with you if you would like. Ultimately, please don’t stress too much about the outfits. The true beauty of lifestyle imagery lies in the connection of your family ’s life and love. The connection is what will be much more meaningful for you!
  • How much do your sessions cost?
    My session fees start at $200 with wall gallery collections ranging from $700 to $2000. Please inquire with me for details about the all-inclusive Day-in-the-Life Experience.
  • How far out are you booked?
    I am typically booked at least a month out. I tend to book up early as we approach busy seasons – the spring and fall. Contact me soon if you’re thinking of booking a session during that time.
  • Will I get the digital photos from my session?
    You will receive high-resolution digital images (including the right to reproduce) for every image you purchase printed 11x14" or larger, or in an album. Digital images can be purchased individually as well, and I have an option to purchase the entire gallery for a flat fee.
  • How do I order prints and products from you?
    My Day-in-the-Life sessions are all-inclusive, with no thought required. After your session is complete, I will post-process the images and design a beautiful heirloom album for you using the best images that tell the story of our day together. There is no need to select images or try to determine how best to tell your story – you can leave that all up to me. You are also welcomed to purchase prints from your day. Just let me know and we’ll conduct a consultation to determine which images would make the best prints and in what sizes for your room. For Real Life or Lifestyle Portrait sessions, I will send you a link to an online gallery with the full set of proofs. I will set up a time for us to meet over the phone to conduct a virtual consultation to review your images and discuss what image you would like to purchase. Or you can email your purchase request if you already know what you want – whatever is easiest for you.

If you prefer authenticity over posed perfection, you've found the right photographer.

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